iPhone 6s Destroyed In Drop Test!

Apple hyped the Iphone 6s as the most durable Iphone ever. That aint saying much! Just about every person I know has a broken Iphone. Heck my work Iphone took one measly 2 ft drop, hit the tile, and shattered like crazy. Apple says that the Iphone 6s glass is more durable than the Gorilla Glass on the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge. What a joke. The 7000 series aluminum was also supposed to improve durability, but it looks like Apple has failed again in the durability department.

Today I went super out of my way to acquire a pre release Iphone 6s. I did a quick search on craigslist and much to my surprise there was an Iphone 6s for sale. I was really suspicious as to whether or not this was the real mccoy. I was also a bit nervous that I might get robbed because this seemed to good to be true. Luckily when I arrived to meet the guy he was super nice. He let me boot up the phone and test 3D touch and verify the 4K camera. When I left I was 100% confident that I had purchased a real Iphone. Also the guy didn’t kill me and that was pretty cool.

In the video I did 3 drops. I did a drop on the back, side and front. The back drop actually held up really well. Virtually no scratches on the back just a few dings. The side drop did the trick it seems like it actually landed on the front glass. Either way the glass cracked pretty good. When I dropped it on the front glass that was all she wrote the glass shattered pretty good. The LCD is still in perfect shape and the phone is still usable, but that Specially designed Corning glass is crap!

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