Samsung Releasing New Gear VR This Fall For Only $99 With Support For All 2015 Samsung flagships!



It looks like Samsung had an epiphany. They finally figured out why they aren’t selling many Gear VR units. The demographic that would even consider dropping $200 on something like the Gear VR is the same demographic that buys a new phone every month. This means a device like the Gear VR that only works with one device is totally unappealing. Having to drop $700 on a new phone and all of the sudden having your $200 peripheral not being able to work with your new phone kind of stinks. Its a really good reason not to buy a VR in the first place. What if Samsung made a one size fits all VR unit? Now there is a good idea. In the fall Samsung will release a one size fits all Gear VR headset that will fit the Galaxy Flagships from this year including the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Note 5, and Edge Plus.

The new Galaxy VR will only set you back $100, and is a much better investment if you ask me. This will also get you access to all the Milk VR content which is pretty sweet! Samsung is all in on VR. They say that it is the next major computing platform and they are looking to set the standard for mobile VR in cooperation with Oculus. Samsung has improved the latest VR headset not only by making it compatible with many devices, but they have also made it 22% lighter which should make the overall viewing experience much better. This will be the perfect way to view all the 360 videos flooding youtube!

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