Samsung Ditching Milk Video November 20th


If you purchased a Gear VR from Samsung for one of your Galaxy devices then you are probably pretty familiar with Samsung’s Milk video service. The Milk Video service was Samsung’s device specific app curating video content for your entertainment needs. They were adding some really great 360 and VR content to the app for those who purchased a Gear VR.

They announce that they will not be supporting the Milk Video app after November 20, 2015. The announcement came through a pretty tranquil update to the description of the app in the play store. Apparently they will still support the Samsung Milk Music app as they are directing Milk Video users to that app for continued enjoyment of streaming entertainment.

It’s no surprise that this video service wasn’t able to quickly gain a following surpassing that of other popular video services like youtube. With the app being limited to only certain Samsung devices it would be hard to appeal to the masses. The app had a decent 10 month run.


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