HOA Weekly Wrap: Nexus Frenzy and Everyone Hates Motorola!


Whew, what a week! Google threw a bunch of products at us early in the week (new Chromecasts, Pixel C Tablet, Photos services, and oh yeah Nexus devices!) and LG followed that up with some big announcements of their own. All three of us here at HOA put in our Nexus preorders and already received our new Chromecast devices. I’m personally a bit disappointed that the Nexus phones are taking so long to ship, but that seems to be how Google rolls, for product roll outs. The new Chromecast seems much faster to me, it definitely casts Youtube videos with the quickness, which my primary use for the device. Not sure why Google needed bright colors for this, it is always behind my TV after all. That being said, I picked up the Coral color for the new Chromecast, I can’t resist new colorways despite how useless they may be. After all the Google craziness, LG introduced their new V10 smartphone, which I think looks pretty slick actually. I was initially against the idea of a secondary display but I think the implementation is decent. The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition…has a long name.

In addition to the exciting announcements from Google and LG, we also had some disappointing news from Motorola late in the week. It appears that Motorola will roll out Marshmallow updates to a rather limited slate of their recent devices. Unfortunately, the 2015 Moto E and the carrier editions of the 2014 Moto X are not among those devices, much to their owner’s chagrin. I personally believe Motorola should be embarrassed to announce that their 2014 flagship will not receive Android 6.0. I also fully understand Motorola is trying to pull away from selling with carrier partners, which is a good thing, but they should still do right by their recent customers until the full transition can be made.

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Jeff Springer

"I am currently a researcher and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. I fell in love with Android with the Nexus One release and realized that it was superior to iOS in all the ways I care about. I still use a Mac (and an iPhone for the camera), but my Apple tech products pale in comparison to my number of Android devices (watches, tablets, and phones). When I’m not rooting/modding one of my many Android phones or doing math/programming, you can find me taking in Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks games in downtown Phoenix, and drinking good beer!"