HTC Set To Release Marshmallow Update To GPE One M8 This Month!



What is a good reason to own a Nexus device? You are among the first to receive the latest and greatest versions of Android from Google for starters! It seems like here lately OEMs are quick to join the party as well. You all probably remember the Google Play Experience program from a few years back. OEMs released a series of devices that included stock vanilla AOSP android. Since OEMs don’t have to build their own custom overlays for these devices they have also received Android updates pretty fast. HTC actually expects to release Marshmallow to their GPE version of the One M8 by the end of the month. That would actually be lightning fast for HTC.

Motorola has been the king in recent years for fastest updates, but it seems that OEMs are actually racing to get the new version of Android to devices. HTC may very well be the first outside of Google to get this done albeit not on a Sense device. The only thing that might keep this from happening is the fact that HTC will have to be sure that the dual cameras are working properly after the update. Other than that this  should be a pretty easy build for HTC. Expect the update to come pretty soon on this device. Mo Versi has tweeted that a target release date falls at the end of this month!

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