HTC One A9 Officially Announced Snapdragon 617, 5.4″ HD Display $399


I was in no way excited for the HTC announcement today. While HTC was at one time at the top of my favorite OEMs list they have really taken a back seat to even some of the lesser known foreign companies for many Android fans. The HTC One M9 release was a bit of a joke. They released a half baked phone with a terrible camera, and overheating issues trying to beat everyone else to market. This really put a bad taste in my mouth. If they would have just waited a few weeks they could have fixed the issues and released a phone that could compete with other juggernauts. The M9 is not a horrible phone, but it needed several updates to get to that point.

HTC has actually announced a slightly compelling phone in the One A9. The device will feature a 5.4″ Super AMOLED 1080p display with Gorilla Glass 4. There will be a fingerprint scanner, micro sd card slot, and Android 6.0 Marshmallow with Sense. Other specs include a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 Octa-core processor (hopefully with no overheating issues), options of 16gb or 32gb of onboard storage, amplifier for improved audio performance, Optical image stabilization in the rear camera with phase detect auto focus, and this phone will have 4 color options, and an iPhone design.

The phone will be rolling out during the first week of November which means this will be the first non Nexus phone to release with Marshmallow. Could this be “Here we go again”? Are they going to release another half baked phone or can they really get 6.0 wrapped in Sense in two weeks time? They have had developer previews for months just like us so there is hope that they can get a polished Sense based on Marshmallow for this device. HTC really needs for this phone to be polished at release!

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