Fairphone 2 World’s First Modular Smart Phone Is Ready For PreOrders!



The only issue with smartphones today is that there are so many of them. Buy a $700 phone one day and the very next week an all new and better device releases. You feel like a chump for having dropped $700 on what is now old news. You feel like a schmuck for using a phone with yesterweek’s processor, and camera. What if there were a way to update your device in the same manner you update your desktop PC today? You could buy a base model for a certain base model lower price, and when you are ready to upgrade just grab the upgraded parts and install them.

Project ARA is the Google’s effort at a modular phone. This would allow you to upgrade your phone at will. If a part breaks you won’t have to pay several hundred dollars to ship your phone to the factory for repair. There is a company that has been showing off a modular phone since June. They say their Fairphone 2 is now ready for Preorders! The base unit includes a Snapdragon 801 processor, 5″full HD display, dual sim support, 2GB of ram, 32GB of internal storage, micro sdcard slot, 8mp camera, 2420mah battery, and it runs Android 5.1.1.

The device is easy to disassemble. This means you will be able to swap out parts easily. This also means that the phone should theoretically last you about 5 years. This is different from Project ARA but is a huge step in the right direction for modular devices. You can pre order the device for $583 from the link below.


via Fairplay

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