Droid Turbo 2 Teaser Hints At Expected Shatter Proof Screen!



The Droid Turbo 2 will be available soon on Verizon. The one expected standout feature of the device is not the battery life, but the “Shatterproof” screen! No doubt this will be tested all over youtube as there are channels that exist only to destroy phones. If Motorola has really come up with a screen that will not shatter with simple drops, and is glass and not plastic this would be a huge advancement in the smartphone world.

My Galaxy S6 Edge and even my Note 5 have each been dropped several times with no damage to the screen. They have also been dropped on smooth surfaces, wood floors, tile, and have been rocking an Urban Armor Gear case at the time of impact. The iPhone is notoriously shatter prone even with the new and improved sturdy glass designed specifically for the iPhone 6s by Corning.

It would be nice to finally have a phone that does not have to be replaced after dropping it. I am sure we will also see hammers hit this phone, knifes scratch it, and all other sorts of destruction tests. There is no doubt that we will soon see how shatterproof it really is.

Verizon has further legitimized this expectation with a quick teaser video of the device found in the tweet below.


via @Verizon

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