Snapdragon 820 Overheating. Samsung Apparently Modifying To Compensate.



Slashgear is reporting that the new Snapdragon 820 is giving Samsung some problems in the development of the Galaxy S7. According to Slashgear the chip is overheating. This would not be to surprising since we had the whole ordeal with the overheating Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip last year. The chip was getting so hot in some phones that updates were sent out to throttle the chip. The Snapdragon 820 was supposed to fix all of this, but it may still have the same overheating bug as the 810.

What is interesting here is that Samsung has apparently decided to push through with the Snapdragon 820 instead of ditching it for their own exynos processors. For now the reports are just rumors, but the 810 was also rumored to have the overheating issue prior to release, and that is exactly what we saw out of that chip.

I am personally hoping that Samsung can get it resolved. Roms like Cyanogen won’t support the Exynos chip so if you care anything about roms the best outcome is for Qualcomm and Samsung to get this chip working well. According to other rumors Samsung is looking to release the S7 as early as January or February. This means that Samsung won’t have long to get this kinks worked out of the Snapdragon 820.


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