HOA Weekly Wrap: Don’t Break Before you Bend (Test)

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Welcome back to the HOA Weekly Wrap, where we take a look at all the Android News, reviews, and tidbits we covered during the past week. There was a lot of stuff happening around here this week. We all received our Nexus phones. The LG V10 released on all major US carriers (sorry, Sprint isn’t major enough for me), and I finally got my hands on one. Verizon and Motorola announced the DROID Turbo 2 and DROID Maxx 2. There was ALMOST a Nexus 6P bendgate scandal. On top of all that, we heard from Wall Street Journal that Google may merge Android and Chrome OS by 2017. Oh, and OnePlus announced something too.

Before I sum up my thoughts on the week that was, have a quick look at some of the excellent video coverage from HOA this week:

First off, let’s address the Nexus 6P bend test phenomenon that went down. As you can see, both Shane and Max posted bend test videos this week. This all stemmed from a video posted earlier in the week that showed several torture tests of the 6P, including a bend test where the phone quickly snapped. The issue with that video was twofold. Firstly, the test was conducted after the phone had been heated up with a lighter (softer things bend easier clearly). Secondly, the phone was cracked with a scratch test before the bend test was performed. While this isn’t quite as obvious as the burning, cracking the screen changes the entire structure of the phone. Imagine you are breaking up a ice tray, but instead of multiple cubes it’s a single sheet of ice. If the ice is deeply frozen, it will be difficult to break up the tray easily. However, if you put a single crack anywhere along the sheet of ice, you will be able to break up the entire tray extremely quick. Overall, the above reasons show that the original video was mostly hyperbole, and this is demonstrated by the relatively impressive strength of the 6P in Max and Shane’s videos.

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