Nexus 6P Becomes First Android Device To Beat an iPhone 6s In A Speed Test!

The Nexus 6P is an incredibly fast device. Getting from screen to screen is a snap. Scrolling through internet pages is buttery smooth. There is pretty much no lag whatsoever on this device. I thought the Note 5 was fast, but the Nexus 6P even out does the Note 5 in my opinion.

I have done many speed test videos in the past where I have matched one device against another. In these speed tests I normally launch 10 or so apps as fast as possible in the first round allowing them each to load completely before returning to the homescreen to open another app. The second round of the test shows each device’s Ram management skills. During the second lap I reopen all the apps that were opened and closed in the first round This tests how fast the device can recall the app and run it.

Some devices like the Galaxy series of devices by Samsung have to totally reopen every app. They don’t save the current state of the app in memory in an attempt to save on battery life. This means that you will have to wait a few seconds here and a few seconds there for your apps to open each time you launch them.

The Nexus 6P has excellent ram management. It is able to recall apps that are closed. This is great as it really tends to speed up the experience. In my video speed test the Nexus 6P was able to beat out the iPhone 6s by a fraction of a second. These devices basically tied.

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