Google Wants To Design It’s Own Chips For Android!



The only thing that has held back performance on Android smartphones in the past has been optimization. Phone’s like the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge do an awful job at managing memory. When compared to a device as optimized as an iPhone the Note 5 can be out right embarrassing when it comes to its ability to multitask quickly. Google reportedly wants to a new level of consistency to Android by designing their own chips in the same way that Apple designs their own chips and then has companies like Samsung to mass produce them. Google already does a pretty dang good job at optimizing Android for its line of Nexus devices. The Nexus 6p actually beat out the iPhone 6s in my speed test.

If Google is to make their own chips they would need a company like Qualcomm to jump on board agreeing to build chips to their specifications for future smartphones. There are several reasons that Google would want to design their own chips. Yes this would make Android more consistent, but it would also give Google the opportunity to bake functionality into the chip like support for virtual and augmented reality. Sources say that Google started discussing the possibility of designing their own chip for an enterprise connectivity device which turned out to be the  Pixel C!

Google may be able to land a lower end chip manufacturer. It might prove to be more difficult to get a higher end chip maker to build chips based on Google’s design. I guess time will tell. Do you think this would be a good thing for Android or are you on the side of more choice is more better?

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