Another 6P Gate? Nexus 6P Camera Glass Easily Shattering.


While the Nexus 6P seems to be pretty durable in my testing and the testing of a handful of other Youtubers there are those two videos that Zack of JerryRigEverything that show the phone easily snap in half. If that were not enough it seems that the camera glass on the back of the device is shattering too easily. User’s are reporting that the glass just shatters spontaneously. The shattered glass on covering the camera would make the camera pretty much useless.

Apparently some users on reddit are reporting that their glass shattered when it was just sitting there. One user reports that they sat the phone on the table next to them and just heard the glass snap leaving shavings of glass on the table. While it is very likely that this could have actually happened during a drop there are several other Redditers backing up this claim.

Several users are claiming this happened to them on the first day of owning the device. It is being pointed out that the back glass is tempered glass. Maybe Huawei should have used something stronger like Gorilla Glass 4. The device does carry a warranty so if this happens to you you should call Huawei immediately for a replacement device. So far neither Google nor Huawei have addressed this issue.

via Reddit

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