Pre-Orders Go Live For Samsung Gear VR $99!



It is that time of year! All the cool tech is coming out just in time for the Holidays! Samsung has been hyping their Consumer level Samsung Gear VR. Samsung is hoping this version of the Gear VR will sell better. They have designed it to fit all current flagship Galaxy devices. This is great because who wants to spend $200 on a peripheral for it to be useless in 6 months when they upgrade their phone? You can take your Gear VR with you to your next Galaxy device!

This version is a little scaled down from previous models. It is still built by Oculus and has the same awesome lens setup and the same light blocking visor. The main difference here is the head rigging. With the new VR you get a less substantial all cloth and padding head strap. The older design of the Gear VR included the mesh strap paired with a hard plastic head rest.  The new design may not be as comfortable for prolonged use, but you may not care about that after you save $100. Who knows Samsung claims this design is even more comfortable I guess we will soon see.

The Gear VR is up for Pre-Order right now. It can be yours for only $99. If you get in on the pre-order now you may get yours pretty early. Pre-orders ship as early as November 20! This gives you plenty of time to wrap it up and get it under the Christmas tree! Head to the link below for the Pre-Order page.


via Samsung


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