New Videos Ensure That The Random Nexus 6P Glass Shattering Is Isolated


Earlier this week there was a sub reddit post going crazy with people saying that their Nexus 6P back glass was randomly shattering. The cause was a mystery. One user reported gently setting the phone on a table caused the glass to shatter. The next person claimed riding in an airplane caused the glass to shatter.

One running theory has been that rapid changes in temperature could be the culprit. Playing lots of games causing the phone to heat up then sitting it on a cool glass table, or leaving the phone on a dash and then removing it and carrying it into the AC would be scenarios causing this random breakage in this theory.

Today Zack of JerryRigEverything released a video showing a Nexus 6P being placed in a freeze and then being rapidly heated with a heat gun. He took a second Nexus 6P and heated the glass up with a heat gun and then rubbed ice against the glass. Neither phone suffered from the randomly shattering glass. I also did a drop test for good measure testing the back glass’ impact resistance. My back glass did not crack after a drop. This sees to be an isolated issue in the manufacturing process. Cracked screens were just likely defective from the factory.

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