How To Turn Your SmartPhone Into A 3D Hologram! Quick DIY Project!

I work all the time. This weekend I actually had two days off in a row. Normally when I have time off from work I have to do other work, yard work, ect. Finding lots of tim to spend with the kids is not always possible. Instead I chose to spend bursts of quality time with my kids. As you could probably imagine when I get those short bursts of time we get super high on Android! I scour the web for some sort of really cool project and we tackle it together as a family! A few months ago my daughter and I found a project to turn your smartphone into a blacklight. We drew lots of cool android artwork with highlighters and had lots of fun with our home made blacklight.

This weekend I decide we would try another project. I saw Mrwhosetheboss’s hologram video a while back and thought this would be the perfect project for the weekend. As you can see from the video its pretty simple all you need is an old CD case, a sharpie, an exacto knife and your cell phone! Grab the resized diagram from the link. Print the diagram. Trace the diagram on your clear CD case four times. Then cut out each of the triangles, tape them together. This will form an upside down pyramid which you will then place on top of your phone. Load up one of the many Hologram videos also linked below. The hologram video will project on the upside down pyramid to create your 3D hologram!

This project was super fun and wasn’t really time consuming. My kids were amazed! I thought it was pretty cool too!

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