Top 5 Corners Cut To Make The OnePlus X A $249 Device



The OnePlus X seems to be a pretty solid budget device. I just got mine and have unboxed it but that is about it. Other than playing around with it for a few minutes I have not been able to use this as a daily driver yet. On first glance this is one of the best budget smartphones on the market. This is not a review of the OnePlus X. That will come later. With the device being a $249 budget device it will obviously not have all the bells and whistles of a top tier flagship device. That being said, as a tech reviewer I believe it is my duty to inform you of features that a particular device is lacking this way you the consumer can make a well rounded decision on the device.

First up the device lacks NFC. This is no big surprise as the higher end cousin of the phone the OnePlus 2 lacks the same feature. No NFC means no Android pay. It also means you can’t use features like quickly transferring files between devices. This could be a major pain if those things are important to you.

The second corner cut is the fact the device lacks a fingerprint scanner. You could argue that it is a budget device, but even a device like the UMI Fair which is only $99 includes a fingerprint scanner that is faster than the iPhone’s TouchID. After having used a fingerprint scanner on my last four devices it is hard to see myself using a device with no fingerprint scanner as a daily driver.

Thirdly this phone comes with neither wireless charging nor quick charging. For me the lack of wireless charging is not a deal breaker, but the lack of quick charging could be. I am a power user and as such I find myself charging my phone at least once during the day and overnight. That goes for all phones I use. Being able to find a charger to plug my phone into for 15 minutes and having that short charge give me enough juice for the rest of the day is a huge convenience. That same 15 minute charge giving me only a 10% or so charge on the OnePlus X is a major drag.

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