NetFlix Is Re-Encoding Everthing For Smoother Streaming While Lessening Data Consumption


I can remember how cool I thought it was just to be able to play a very low quality youtube video on my first smartphone way back in the day. It was the first time that I thought “we are living in the future”. Mobile media has really grown leaps and bounds since then. You can watch 2K content anywhere your phone can grab an LTE connection. The ability to stream high quality movies, tv-shows and sporting events means you never have to be board again!

The only issue is that many of us are now on tiered data plans. It is funny how that works. When media and content used little to no data we all had unlimited data plans. Now that one movie eats up an entire GB of data we have capped data plans! Netflix is currently re-encoding their entire catalog of movies and shows to stream smoother while consuming less data from your data package. The finished product will mean that Netflix uses 20% less data while you will see no difference in quality.

Netflix set up two TVs side by side, one playing the current max quality of 5.8mbps the other playing at 4.64mbps no one was able to correctly guess which tv was playing which. This re-encoding not only saves you data, but could also pave the way for Netflix to expand into countries with slower median internet speeds.

via Variety

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