Will The 2016 Moto X Include A Heat Pipe?! Image Leaks


There is a new Leaked Image of the upcoming 2016 Moto X. Unless Motorola is deciding on an earlier release in the coming year I’d say this is mighty early for leaked images. However OEMs do get a pretty early start. Many people believe the Galaxy S7 is in a nearly complete form already. The leaked image of the Moto X 2016 edition includes a shot of the phones chassis.

The standout feature here is a heatpipe that runs through the center of the device. This could be Motorola’s solution to insanely powerful processors that overheat. Part of the overheating problem could be that the heat has no way to escape so it is forced to radiate through the phone’s materials. If it had a pipe to draw heat away from the chipset the phone could operate at a much higher speed without overheating.

This could be a major advancement in cell phone performance. The heatpipe works like a heatsink and could be a great way to preserve the phone’s CPU making it last longer. It should be noted that in this image the speaker grill placement is the same as the placement in an earlier leak which is thought to be a fake. This could mean that the earlier image is not fake or it could mean that both images are fake.

via Gforgames

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