Dish Looking To Be Best In Show At CES Again With The Hopper 3 DVR



Back in 2013 Dish’s Hopper became CES’s Best In Show with their revolutionary DVR. Dvr’s had been around for quite some time, but this DVR did something extraordinary that made some major networks pretty angry. The DVR would find commercials and automagically skip them during recorded programming playback. This eliminated the need to have to hit the fast forward button every few minutes to get through commercials manually. This was so controversial that CBS Interactive the parent company of CNET actually removed the Hopper from consideration for “Best In Show”, which prompted CES to drop CNET as partner and award Dish with the honor.

Today the Hopper 3 was announced at CES. While this is an innovative product it won’t be causing the same type of uproar due to controversy that the original Hopper stirred up. The Hopper 3 is the record holder for most tuners. It includes 16 in total. To put that in perspective my Uverse DVR has 4 tuners. I find myself having to interrupt streams all the time with more than 4 tvs in the home and only 4 active streams. Having 16 tuners is a really big deal!

The amount of tuners gives you the ability to view the new “Sports Bar Mode”. This mode gives you 4 full 1080p feeds on one screen, and is available for use on 4K TVs. The screens are broken into quadrants. You can choose which feed is outputting audio. This would be a great way to watch all the big games, or see all the various news channels as news breaks. Either way this is a pretty cool use of the resolution offered in 4k TVs.

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