More Reports Emerge That Apple Will Ditch The Headphone Jack On The Next iPhone


My cell phone has become my number one media consumption device. I now watch more video and listen to more music and audio on it then I do on a PC, tablet, and even the TV. The ability to use a great set of headphones while you exercise or work in the yard is a huge benefit to owning a smart phone. Bluetooth has paved the way for some pretty incredible wireless headphone technology, but still the best sound comes from wired headphones. Some phone manufacturers are doing a pretty good job at placing good speakers right on the phone eliminating the need for headphones in certain situations. HTC, Motorola, and now Huawei with the Nexus 6P feature front facing speakers that get the job done most of the time for me.

All that being said are we heading to a future without wired headph0nes? If Apple has their way we may very well be according to rumor and speculation. “Fast Company” is reporting that Apple will indeed skip the 3.5mm headphone jack on the next iPhone. This follows what we have already heard about the upcoming device from various Asian blogs including Macotakara.

Discontinuing the headphone jack could make for thinner devices, but more interestingly it could help OEMs with making their phones waterproof. For Apple this just appears to be a ploy to sell more accessories. They will apparently be selling a set of lightning-enabled EarPods which can be purchased separately from the phone.  Apple is also expected to bring wireless charging to the iPhone finally. If Apple is going to be making the phone thinner they will probably not be bringing a larger battery to the iPhone.

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  1. Whatsin Aname says:

    Didn’t Apple patent a half-3.5mm jack last year? Can’t remember what they called it put it was essentially a 3.5mm jack sliced in half. Is that a no-go now. Obviously MOST things Apple patents don’t make it into devices but that one seemed like a sure thing for them. Apple loves their proprietary connectors.