AT&T Brings Back Unlimited Data!



About 5 years or more ago mobile carriers began to slowly kill off their unlimited data plans. This caused an uproar as many consumers were pretty upset to lose something they had become dependent on. Some consumers held on to their grandfathered plans as long as they could, however doing so meant paying full retail price for phones. By now most of us are off the unlimited plans. I personally have held on to my Verizon unlimited plan for dear life. Of course this has meant that I have paid for every phone full price, but I have saved over the long run as my family uses more than 50GB per month.

As some of you may know AT&T has been working on buying DirecTV. The process has taken over a year, but the purchase is finally final. AT&T is desperately pushing out as much TV service as they can in an effort to recover the $49Billion they spent on the DTV acquisition. They have decided to bring back unlimited mobile data with one big caveat, you must be a TV subscriber. Both Uverse TV and DirecTV customers are eligible for the unlimited data plan.

The unlimited plan is $100 for the first phone and $40 per phone for the next 2 phones. The fourth phone is free. If you use lots of data this could possibly be a good deal for you. That is unless you use an extreme amount of data like my family. Anyone going over 22GB in a month will be throttled to 3G speeds when on congested networks. 22GB is enough data to stream about 50 hours of video or use the internet for about 220 hours. Most people won’t hit that limit. Enrollment for this plan will begin on Tuesday.

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