Father’s Day Tech Gift Guide. All The Stuff I Would Want.



Father’s day is just around the corner. It is literally only 13 days away! Having no one to call dad I actually get to sit back, relax, and not have to worry about getting someone else the perfect gift. Still with the day coming up and being that I am a dad I have thought about what exactly I would want for Father’s day. This is my ultimate tech Father’s day gift guide. Keep in mind these items are not necessarily budget friendly. If you want to show dear old dad that he is really more important than a stinking T-shirt or neck tie than these are the things you should get him, even if you can only afford one.



First up on the list is the Nvidia Shield TV. I known I am late to the game with this device, but I have been playing around with it for the past few weeks. I have used many “TV boxes” ranging from inexpensive (chromecast, roku, fireTV stick) to the more expensive (ProBox, Apple TV, Nexus Player). The Nvidia Shield TV is by far the best TV Box experience on the market. It includes Chromecast casting, the full Android TV experience, and all the gaming a father could need with the Netflix like gaming service GeForce Now. Kodi also runs super smooth and fast on this device. The standard 16GB version is actually on sale for only $179. The pro version with 500GB hard drive is currently $299.

Nvidia Shield TV 16GB $179.99

Nvidia Shield TV Pro 500GB $299.95



Every good dad knows how important it is to always be on time. This means your dad is probably a fan of high quality watches. These days watches not only tell time they also relay your phones notifications to your wrist allowing your dad to see all your important text messages without actually having to take his phone out of his pocket. There are many Android Wear watches to choose from, but if I were getting an Android watch for Father’s Day I would want the Fossil Q Founder or Huawei Watch. These two watches just look the best in my opinion. When it comes to watches us dads need something that we can wear when golfing or out to dinner with your mothers so the watch should be both casual and elegant. I think either of these two watches fit that bill. Right now you can grab the Huawie Watch for only $299. That’s a $100 savings. The Q Founder watch by fossil isn’t on sale but it is $5 cheaper at $295.

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