YouTube now supports Full 360 Degree VR Videos!


For those of you who have tried the Google Cardboard VR or Samsung Gear VR, you probably well know how 360 degree VR videos work and love the concept of it.  Well, as of today, YouTube is officially supporting 360 degree video uploads.

Best of all?  If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, your YouTube app will allow you to control your viewing angles by tilting and rotating your phone around you (try it by clicking on the video below and opening it with your YouTube app!).


So, how do you make 360 degree videos?

As of today, you can actually make a 360 degree video using the Kodak PIXPRO SP360 (which does 1080P 30FPS and 720P 60FPS at 360 degrees) or the Ricoh Theta M15(but only does 10-second videos at a time and the resolution is not specified) right now.  Using a simple python script provided by YouTube, you will be able to easily convert your 360 degree video to YouTube-compatible format.  (We should have a demo next week so don’t forget to check back.)

There’s also Giroptic 360Cam(See a quick demo we took at CES 2015 here) and several companies who are going to be releasing 360 cameras this year.   This is an exciting year since virtual reality headsets are being improved while 360 cameras and YouTube 360 videos are being introduced to consumers.

Where does this put you?

As a consumer, you no longer have to be limited to one dimension for taking photos and recording videos.  For example, maybe you have a big family at a wedding.  Instead of being limited to a group shot from one direction, you will be able to take 360 degree photo that will include everyone at the wedding including your dogs!   Perhaps you have a son who cannot walk, you can share your experiences by taking 360 videos where you travel and let your son watch them with a Samsung Gear VR (that’s just an example, but you should really take your son with you when you travel).  The ideas are endless and the year 2015 may be the year to get one of these bad boys as they are fairly priced.

What do you think?  Can you think of any reasons to use this?  Please leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

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  1. Rafael says:

    interesting.. .. I used to work with VR photography creating equiretangular photos and little planets..I love it so much!

    This kind of camera will be booming , very soon. and off-course Go Pro will catch up later with the same 360deg videos.

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