Google Now Will Soon Feature Info From Any App!



I have spent many an hour and even entire afternoons asking Google Now to translate various words even those slightly inappropriate into various foreign languages. While this seems overly immature it is a pretty interesting way to pass time. I am pretty easily entertained. There will soon be other ways to entertain yourself with Google Now.

Google Now is currently set up to be used as a personal assistant. It provides you with all kinds of information important to your day like traffic updates telling you how much time it will take for you to get to work, or if there is any traffic on the way back home.  And yes, Google now can give you severe weather warnings so you can avoid traveling in bad weather.

Like sports?  Google Now gives you scorecards for games involving your favorite teams in addition to helping you keep an eye on stocks, keep track of your flight, log your steps using your phone’s accelerometer, remind you of upcoming events you have tickets to, keep up with your favorite websites/news, and much much more.

Google Now will soon be able to do even more! The Google Now project director, Aparna Chennapragda, has stated that Google will be releasing a dev kit that will allow any app developer to inject their data into Google Now. There is no firm dates on when this will be available, but Chennapragda has already stated that the codes will not clash with one another. This should already be pretty far along if it is able to mesh with other apps already. App usage habits will determine which cards appear in Google Now. This means that you will be able to access all your important apps in one place! You will be able to see all your latest tweets, facebook posts and more! This almost reminds me of a smart and much better Blinkfeed on HTC devices. If you didn’t already have a good reason to use Google Now, this may be it.


via Engadget


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