“BIG” HTC One M9 Announcement Wednesday

HTC executive Jason Mackenzie has taken to Twitter twice today to hype up a big announcement coming on Wednesday regarding the HTC One M9 smartphone.  As mentioned in my previous article on the M9 camera, the phone is currently slated to be released this month but HTC has not given a specific date for a US launch…yet.

Screenshot 2015-03-16 12.44.02When the first tweet was posted several online outlets were speculating that the announcement might have to do with either a physically bigger version of the M9 (which seemed unlikely to me at the time) or perhaps a joint announcement with T-mobile.  T-mobile is currently scheduled to hold their next uncarrier event on Wednesday 3/18 as well.

After reading the second tweet, posted just a few hours ago, we’re left to wonder, what could possibly be surprising about the announcement on Wednesday?  Even if HTC announces a release date it won’t really surprise anyone, we were expecting to get that information at some point soon anyway.  Mackenzie says it is going to be easier than ever to choose HTC One, making me think they will either announce some deal with carriers or perhaps an in-house financing option similar to what Motorola does with their products.  Of course, this is all speculation at this point, maybe we really are getting the rumored M9 Plus?  Whatever the case, be sure to give us your thoughts in the comments!  Also keep your browser locked to HighOnAndroid News for the breaking developments on Wednesday!

UPDATE:  HTC has posted on Twitter that the announcement will take place at 9 AM PST on Wednesday 3/18.  You can catch the video stream from HTC here.  We will have a summary of the major points from the announcement right here Wednesday morning!




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