Google I/O 2015 Registration is Tomorrow at 9AM PST!


Google I/O is an annual developer’s conference for Google’s latest Android announcements.  Every year I tried my best to register but the registration fills up rather quickly (probably within the first 5 minutes) and I’ve missed it for the last 3 years.

UPDATE: You DO NOT have to be there at 9AM.  Apparently Google has decided to pick random people as attendees so you just have to get your registration in by 5PM PST March 19th, so everyone has a chance.   That’s 2 full days to sign up, I am relieved that they are doing this otherwise it’s just not fair for anyone who’s doing something else at 9AM tomorrow.


Well, if you are up for it, the registration starts tomorrow sharp at 9AM PST (Noon for those of you in the East Coast).  If you are quick and have buttery hands, simply load up the site right at 9AM so you may be one of the lucky ones to get a ticket.  A ticket is around $900 for general admission and $300 for students.  It’s not cheap but it may be worth it as Google gives out free stuff every year.

Where is Google I/O held?

Google I/O is held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.  If you live close-by in northern California, this is definitely do-able and if you don’t, it may just be worth to take a quick plane trip.

Why go to Google I/O?

If you are an Android developer, it’s probably one of the best places to network with other developers.  Even if you are not a developer, you get to see first-hand what Google is going to announce.  Oh yeah, don’t forget Google I/O swag!  In the previous years, Google has given out new products that were announced.  In 2011, they gave out a Galaxy Tab 10.1, in 2012 a Samsung Chromebook, in 2013 a Nexus 7/Nexus Q, and in 2014 a Chromebook Pixel.  Your admission ticket may be worth it enough to get hands on the latest Google device, my guess this year is the new Chromebook Pixel (retails for $999).

Where to register for Google I/O?

Go here:

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  1. akchaos says:

    I would settle for an Android 5.x for my Galaxy Note 4.

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