HTC One M9 Camera Compared to M8



There have been sample M9 camera shots making the rounds on many online forums.  The pictures compare the M9 camera to the M8 in several different lighting situations and you can find the full list of them here.  Clearly these photos cannot be verified to actually come from an M9, but that doesn’t stop us from comparing them.  If you look at the pictures in the right column you will see photos that are indicative of the camera from last year’s M8.  The M8 is notorious for performing poorly in low light situations.  Many people, including myself, felt that the camera was the main feature preventing the M8 from leaping from a good phone to a great phone.

In the right column we see the test shots supposedly from the M9.  There is a noticeable improvement in the low-light performance in these shots.  It does seem to me though that the M9 shots have a bit too much contrast, but this is a minor gripe when compared to the M8. Personally, if these shots are indeed from the M9, I think I will be very happy with the upgrade from the M8 to the M9.  HTC has taken a sizable amount of criticism for not significantly changing the form-factor on the M9, but to me this seems silly.  Aside from the camera quality, the M8 was largely regarded as one of the best phones of 2014.  If these shots are any indication the M9 may improve in the one area where the M8 was incredibly weak.  Below are a few of the test shots in case you don’t want to bother clicking the link above (M9 shots top, M8 bottom).





The M9 is still slated to release March 2015, that is this month for those of you counting down with me.  I am definitely planning on upgrading my M8 to an M9, and these camera quality comparisons make me all the more excited about getting the phone in my hand.  What does everyone else think about these sample shots?  Will these improvements (if accurate) make you consider an upgrade to the M9?  Be sure to keep checking back here at HighOnAndroid News as we continue to bring you coverage of the M9 and it’s imminent release!

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