HTC One M9 Gets Extra Hot Under Stress Of Benchmark


The HTC One M9 is set to release in the coming weeks, but one little bit of information came out today that could make you look the other way. It seems as though the M9 overheats, especially when under stress like during a benchmark test. Overheating has been the downfall of devices in the past. We can all remember the fiasco that was with the iPad 4.  It would actually glow red hot in the corner after just a few minutes of use!

This is not exactly what we are dealing with when it comes to the M9 however. The unibody design of the device heats up to 131 degrees fahrenheit during the GFXBench benchmark test. This is potentially a dangerous situation as water boils at 180 degrees, and skin can actually incur 3 degree burns at 140 degrees. The source of the report blames the overheating on the Snapdragon 810 which Samsung has already outed as having overheating problems.

The question here is how often will your M9 be under enough stress to cause the chip to reach 131 degrees? More than likely this won’t happen very often if ever. I can remember back in the day when I had the Motorola Droid X. I would always overclock it and run it with the performance governor which kept it running at full speed all the time! I can remember the phone getting super hot in my pocket, and it being hot to the touch at times. I would actually monitor the temperature of the CPU with the “overclock for Android” app that probably no longer exists by developer Jrummy. The phone would rarely eclipse 120 degrees even under the highest amount of stress. Of course we aren’t comparing apples to apples here. The Snapdragon 810 is obviously a much higher performance processor.

Before jumping up in arms and discounting the M9 as a worthwhile device altogether you should consider the fact that the device has not been released yet. The device that was tested was far from running the completed release software. I have a feeling that this will be addressed if it has not already been addressed by HTC prior to release. Does this bit of intel have any baring whatsoever as to whether or not you will be picking up an M9? I for one will be buying this phone no matter what!

Via PhoneProbe

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