Flashing CM12 Over Android 5.1 Bootloader Could Brick your Device!



Around here we love to stay high on Android! The best way to stay aloft of course is to flash ROMs, but sometimes being a flashaholic can get you into serious trouble. It is being reported over on XDA that flashing CM12 over the new bootloader will render your device a brick. CM12 automatically flashes the current bootloader and radios during the install meaning that if you have already updated to Android 5.1 and in doing so have also updated your bootloader to the newest version 71.08 you will find yourself in some serious trouble when installing Cyanogen.

When I updated to 5.1 I actually just installed a stock rooted ROM which did not include a bootloader or radios. I am actually still on bootloader version 71.05. If you didn’t update your bootloader you shouldn’t encounter any issues.   However, if you did flash a ROM prior to Android 5.1, which included an old bootloader after installing the latest firmware update on your device, it will end up stuck at the Qualcomm bootloader.

CyanogenMod has changed their code to protect anyone who is on the latest bootloader, by adding a check. Shamu nightlies after today should incorporate this fix. These nightlies will flash the rom, but not the firmware/ radios unless already on a compatible bootloader. There is a fix if you did manage to brick your device. The entire guide and all the files can be found at the link below.



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