Free Year of Netflix with T-Mobile Galaxy S6 Models


T-mobile announced today that customers purchasing the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge on their network will receive a free year of Netflix, a value of about $96 at the current rate of $7.99 per month.  This is an attractive deal if you already planned on picking up the phone from T-Mobile, but may not be enough to lure customers away from other carries. T-mobile has launched several of their “Un-Carrier” initiatives in the past year and has been successful in converting many AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint customers to their network. Free Netflix is a nice addition to the other incentives the company has offered recently.  Right now T-Mobile does not have an official launch date for the S6, but the speculation is that all US carriers will release the S6 on April 10, the same date as the international launch. If you are interested in the S6 from T-mobile, and some sweet free Netflix, be sure to subscribe to their mailing list for product updates at the link above.

If you’re excited as we are for the S6, you might want to check out this unboxing of the T-Mobile S6 by the company’s product expert Des. The unboxing is pretty standard, Des shows off the gold, white, and black versions of the S6. Inside the box we see the usual power brick, which is equipped with fast charging, the USB cable for said charger, and the getting started paperwork. In addition to these standard items there is also a set of stereo headphones included.  It will be interesting to see if other US carriers follow suit by including the headphones in the box (I’m looking at you Verizon).  The headphones admittedly look pretty nice, if Verizon doesn’t include any in my box I might have to buy a T-mobile version instead.  The video also shows off the gold color very well, it definitely shimmers beautifully in the light. If you like to attract attention with your phone, and blind people in bright sunlight, the gold is definitely your color on the S6!  Remember that preorders for the S6/S6 Edge also open this Friday 3/27 at Best Buy, which includes a free wireless charger. We will continue bringing you up to the second coverage of Samsung’s 2015 flagships, where will you purchase your S6/S6 Edge?

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