Is HTC selling you a nonexistent One M9?

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OK, so perhaps my title is a bit of hyperbole. This morning several Android enthusiasts across the US woke up to lovely backorder emails from HTC, regarding their recently purchased M9 smartphone. All of the current staff here at HOA received one of these emails, perhaps it is not a coincidence that all three of us also ordered the developer edition M9. We have reached out to HTC customer service in a few different mediums-phone, email, and Twitter but we have yet to receive any clarification on what this means.  The original confirmation email received by those ordering the M9 stated that the orders would begin to ship on Monday 3/30, and they would ship out all orders placed on 3/27 by Friday 4/3 at the latest.

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One possible explanation is that HTC is sending out these backorder messages automatically because the phones aren’t actually in stock until Monday.  In that case we should all still have our phones shipped to us by next Friday.  The more concerning possibility is that the backorder only applies to those of us that ordered a developer edition of the phone.  So far, I have only seen these backorder notices sent to those who ordered the developer edition, not the unlocked or carrier models.  In this case, perhaps anyone with a developer edition order should consider canceling the order and switching to an unlocked model. Unfortunately, HTC will not tell us what is actually going on, so it is rather difficult to make a definitive decision. I personally plan to wait until Monday and see if we get anymore information before I make the move to cancel my developer edition order. Anyone else get the backorder email? Have you panicked yet?

In closing, and for your amusement, I’ll leave you with this super helpful reply via Twitter that HTC’s support sent while I was writing this article:

2 Responses

  1. David says:

    I ordered the AT&T One M9 and got the backorder email as well.

  2. Fred says:

    Ordered unlocked silver on 03/27 morning and was told it’s on backordered. Yeh, I think they do sell something they don’t have.

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