OnePlus One Misses OxygenOS Release Deadline, Issues Apology


OnePlus One just can’t seem to get ahead. They have missed the mark yet again. Today their head of mobile product had to take to the OnePlus One forums to apologize for missing the release of the much anticipated OxygenOS Release date which was March 27, TODAY! Reasons given include extra quality control issues, and the need to pass Google’s certification.

Many of you will remember that OnePlus One announced back in February that their next partnership would be with the creators of the Paranoid Android Rom. A select few developers from the PA team including their Co Founder, Aaron Gascoigne,  would be responsible for building OxygenOS. Paranoid  Android of course is most famous for the inclusion of innovative features like PIE control and  HALO.

OxygenOs is still coming. In fact Helen said that the rom is currently fully functional and even stated that many of the Opo team members are using it as a daily driver and are not having issues. Opo did promise that if they didn’t meet the deadline that they would be giving away 5 free phones. They have already made good on this promise, contacting those lucky winners on the Opo forums. Below is Helens full explanation for the delay.

The ROM is fully functional and we have quite a few people in the office running it on their own devices without any issues. The delay is caused by extra quality control. We want to make sure that OxygenOS passes Google certification, that all future updates can be OTA’ed properly, and that users from all over the world are able to use OxygenOS in the language of their choice.

We know you’ve been waiting for a long time, and we owe you answers. So, until OxygenOS is officially released, we will share our progress with you. Every day, no matter how big or small the news is, this post will be updated with information in order to give you more visibility into the process. As for a release date, we will release as soon as we feel that it’s good enough for you and it will be very soon.


2 Responses

  1. HassanQz says:

    well thats quite an apology!
    they should offer something free like a game or an app

  2. Ricky says:

    Sounds less like an apology and more like an excuse. For the 5 people who received a phone, great. For the 300,000 that didn’t, it’s still a mockery that they have failed to deliver on their promise yet again. Sure, CM11S is stable, but that certainly doesn’t mean they don’t have to stick to their word on items. Those two items are completely unrelated

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