Some Best Buy Stores Accepting Verizon S6 Preorders


Yesterday we compiled a comprehensive list of availability and pricing for the S6 and S6 Edge here. It was widely reported that Best Buy locations would open pre-orders today for AT&T and Sprint variants of the S6 only. Verizon pre-orders were scheduled to take place on April 1 at Best Buy, to coincide with the pre-order time at Verizon stores. Several users across the internet are reporting that select Best Buy locations have actually allowed pre-orders for Big Red today.  Apparently the majority of those stores allowing pre-orders are reported to be located in New York, North Carolina, and California, with few other details coming out so far. Keep in mind that the Best Buy off contract models are $150 more expensive than the same off-contract phone from Verizon, but I have always had luck getting Best Buy to price match this with no problem.

I just stopped in at my local best buy here in Tempe, AZ to test this out and they were able to pre-order a Verizon 64GB S6 Edge, though there were a few issues. It seems that their system is going very slowly so it kicked out my pre-order several times.  Luckily the employee helping me was very patient and kept refreshing the submission until it finally went through. Make sure if you go in to pre-order on Verizon today, or before April 1, that you are prepared to do a bit of waiting-it might take awhile.  In addition, the wireless charging accessory needs to be pre-ordered separately from the phone (even though it is free), so make sure the employee does this for you.  All in all I spent about 40 minutes at the mobile counter waiting for the pre-order to go through and to get all my paperwork collected.  The employee mentioned to me Verizon units are also scheduled to arrive at Best Buy on April 10, but she didn’t want to “guarantee it.” We’ve all learned that nothing is ever guaranteed with Verizon! If you’re interested in a Verizon S6/S6 Edge and want that sexy wireless charger for free, I recommend stopping by your local Best Buy.  If you want to get the S6/S6 Edge from your carrier, check out my comprehensive guide to pricing and availability. Lastly, here are a few more sample pics I snapped while playing with the display units:


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