Verizon Apparently NOT Shipping Galaxy S6 Preorders Early (Opinion)


I hope writing this article inspires Verizon to let us all have our preorders sooner, then you can all laugh at me.

While T-Mobile, Sprint, and now AT&T are shipping Galaxy S6 preorders early, Verizon still seems to be stubbornly holding on to the April 10 release date. I was planning to contact Verizon reps via Twitter to ask about the longer wait, but I noticed several other people already had, here is a sample tweet in response to an inquiry about the S6 shipping early on every other US carrier:

Apparently Verizon is once again unconcerned that other carriers are shipping phones faster, with less bloat, and without HUGE company logos on the back. Unfortunately, Verizon is likely also using the extra time to make sure our bootloaders are locked down extra tight. The Verizon Note 4 still has no root method currently available, and we can only hope the S6 series fares better on Verizon. While Verizon still has the best network in most parts of the country, the competition is catching up, especially in larger markets. I have often considered moving more of my lines to T-Mobile as they improve their cellular network, the benefits are numerous-unlocked phones, easier to root in general, and cheaper plans in most cases.

While I certainly realize the word of customer support on Twitter doesn’t mean Verizon won’t announce tomorrow that they’re shipping early, it would certainly be uncharacteristic of them. Well, that’s the end of my Sunday rant, what do you all think about Verizon’s service in general? Is the improved coverage worth the headaches and delays with hardware?

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Jeff Springer

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