Samsung Galaxy S6 Scores 4/10 for Repairability


Awhile back we brought you a report summarizing the the repairability of the HTC One M9, as assessed by iFixit. The HTC One M9 scored a pathetic 2 out of 10 for repairability, mainly because a large amount of adhesive on the internals of the phone.  Now iFixit is back ripping apart the Samsung Galaxy S6. The S6 scored a bit higher than the M9 and S6 Edge (3 out of 10 repairability), but only marginally so at 4 out of 10. The teardown experts at iFixit do praise the S6 construction for the modularity of the components in the phone, but the phone loses several points for its glass panels. During the teardown iFixit found it very difficult to replace to glass without destroying the display, the adhesive holding on the glass seems to be a primary culprit. It seems excessive adhesive use is causing a lot of repairability issues in the 2015 flagships!


When comparing the S6 to the S6 Edge, iFixit noted that the S6 battery is a bit easier to replace due to the curved nature of the S6 Edge. In order to remove the battery of the S6 Edge it is necessary to remove the entire motherboard, fortunately that is not the case with the regular S6. The battery cable is now wired around the top of the motherboard, making battery replacement a much easier task. Overall, it seems the S6, S6 Edge, and M9 are all quite difficult to repair, but at least you should be able to replace an aging battery in the regular S6.

Source: iFixit

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