Sunshine S-OFF Adds Support For The HTC One M9 With 3.1 Update!

Thanks to HTCdev we have had unlocked bootloaders on the HTC One M9 since day one. TWRP was also pretty quickly released so we have been able to root our M9’s also. The only thing that we have been waiting on since is the release of S-OFF. With Security Off on the HTC One M9 we are able to flash anything and everything on our device. Without S-Off you have to flash firmware separately from your Rom which can really be a buzz kill when you are trying to stay High On Android! There are no limitations when you are S-Off.

S-Off comes once again by way of the Sunshine S-Off app. Jcase and Beaups have been working on this since the devices release. This does require that you be bootloader unlocked and rooted. This will not work on the Verizon variant, but should be compatible with the Verizon variant soon. The only downside to all this is that there is a $25 in app purchase for the license fee. The fee enables therootninja to buy devices for research and development. Many phones are bricked in the development process as you can imagine, and dev cost skyrocket quickly. This also ensures future development for devices to come.

The best part of this method is that anyone can do it. Previous methods for achieving S-Off require you to have the SDK installed on your computer, and you have to be pretty familiar with ADB and running commands. These older methods also had the risk of you doing the wrong thing and rendering your device useless. With the Sunshine app just open it and click some buttons and you are done! There is no risk of you doing something wrong, and the app checks your phone for compatibility before even asking you to purchase a license. Head to to grab Sunshine and get your M9 S-offed!

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