High On Android Deals: Note 3, HTC One M8, and Moto G Only $39!

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High On Android Deals is a weeklyish series where we round up some of the greatest deals in Android for the week! Deals won’t make this list unless they are MUST BUY! This will include FREE and heavily discounted stuff! Keep that extra cash from burning a hole in your pocket by checking back here for our weekly deals posts! This week is all about refurbished goods! Refurbished means that the factory takes used and returned inventory and fixes anything that may be broken before re selling it. Most people are unaware of the fact that the majority of all refurbished goods were never broken to begin with. The overwhelming majority of refurbished goods are simply returns. Consumer goes out and buys a $700 phone, gets home unboxes the phone uses it for a few days and then begins to experience huge buyers remorse. When they return that phone it has to be sold as refurbished. This is normally an excellent way to save hundreds on phones that will last years. Also refurbished electronics normally come with a warranty.

First up is the Note 3! It has been heavily discounted along with other Samsung devices like the S4, S3, and S5. The S5 has already sold out. The Note 3 is the star of this listing. If you are ok with a slightly older model phone this is the perfect phone for anyone looking to save money on a prepaid plan. This phone still holds its own against even the new flagships. The Note 3 is rocking a 5.7″ HD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 2.3Ghz processor, 3GB of ram, 13mp camera, and is unlocked. You can grab this refurbished phone for only $349 on Groupon.

Groupon link

Next up is the HTC One M8. Some would argue that the M9 is just about the same phone as the M8. While there have been several spec bumps that really do make the M9 worth buying if you are looking to save about $300 the refurbished M8 could be for you. This is still a very nice phone with a 1080p screen, dual camera, and 2.5ghz quad core processor. The M8 also features some really cool camera features thanks to the dual camera on the back. You can grab the refurbed version of this device for only $318 on ebay!

Ebay Link

The last deal is not a refurbished device but the deal is sooo hot that I had to include it! The Verizon version of the Moto G is just $39.99 right now on Ebay. As of this posting you only have 17 hours before the auction is over, but i have a feeling bestbuy will have another one or two of these auctions to get rid of the Moto G inventory. They also had this phone for $25 earlier in the week so you will want to check ebay pretty often for the next few weeks.

Moto G Ebay Link

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