Several Galaxy S6 Edge Units Still Scratched Out of the Box


2015-05-09 19.01.43

Back in early April when the Galaxy S6 Edge first got into the hands of eager consumers, we heard several reports that some users were seeing tiny micro-scratches on their screens fresh out of the box. The initial reports were limited to T-Mobile, mainly because they shipped phones first, but later all carrier variants had some reports of the issue. Unfortunately, even after a month or so, it seems several stores still have stock that is full of pre-scratched Galaxy S6 Edge models. This pattern of S6 Edge issues is becoming a concern, especially after Shane brought us the report of accelerometer issues due to fast-charging.

Given that I work at a university, I use my phone most often inside my office while grading, doing research, etc. Normally by the time I leave my office the bright Arizona sun has long gone down (I like to work a lot).  That being said, I haven’t used my Verizon S6 Edge too often in the direct Arizona sun since I got it from Best Buy back on 4/10. Earlier this week, I left the office early to run some errands and had to use my S6 Edge several times in the bright sunlight, I started noticing there were scratches all over the screen! Considering I had only used official Samsung cases since getting the phone, and due to the fact I take great care with my phones, I knew I had not caused these defects.

I tried contacting Samsung to see if they could help me with a replacement. They were unimaginably difficult, and offered no support. Then I remember I bought the phone at Best Buy off-contract, so I still had a 45 days return window with My Best Buy Elite Plus membership! That was great news, so I head out to Best Buy today to try and get a replacement. I looked at 3 different replacements, at 3 different Best Buy stores, and all of them had some screen defect. The Black Sapphire models all had the micro scratches, and the Pearl White had the bubbling effect mentioned by some users in the XDA thread (cited at end of this article). In the end I settled on keeping the one that was scratched the least, but I am pretty disappointed overall.

The issue, aside from not wanting scratches on my new phone, is that the scratches seem to leave the screen washed out, compared to the regular Galaxy S6. I am writing this article mainly in hopes that anyone who has bought a S6 Edge recently can check this and make the decision that is best for them. I plan to try and see if I can exchange mine for a gold one when Verizon has those available, maybe that color will be defect free since it is being manufactured later.  I took a few pics under bright light so everyone can see what I am talking about:

The honeycomb scratches are pretty clear in these pictures in the bottom left corner. The scratching is not as bad as the first phone I had, and this is the one I finally decided to keep. If you live somewhere that the sun doesn’t shine very often it might be fine, but here in Arizona its a big enough problem to annoy me. Anyone else noticing this issue with the Galaxy S6 Edge still?

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  1. Callum says:

    I had the same problem but on the fingerprint button instead. I wasnt to bothered, but it did annoy me that a brand new phone already had scratches on it. Even then its pretty poor on Samsungs end.

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