Galaxy S6 Edge Clear View Cover is Scratching the Screen


This past weekend I brought you the story that several US S6 Edge units are still coming scratched fresh out of the box. I actually received 3 brand new replacements from Best Buy, all with scratched screens, you can read about my findings (with pictures) in that article. It seems that keeping your Galaxy S6 Edge screen perfect is quite a lofty goal, yesterday reports surfaced on XDA and SamMobile that the S6 Edge Clear View Cover is scratching the screen for several users. I read some of these reports firsthand through comments on my Youtube video unboxing and review of the S6 Edge Clear View Cover. Many users warned in the comments not to buy the case because of the scratching issue.


I personally used my S6 Edge Clear View cover for 3-4 days after unboxing it, and I didn’t notice any additional scratching on my phone. Of course, considering my phone had tiny hairline scratches from the beginning, it could be that some of these additional small scratches came from the Clear View cover. Some of the Photos on XDA show scratching from the cover that is quite a bit deeper than the scratches I observed on my original phone or replacements from Best Buy. It appears the scratching from the cover happens because of dust getting trapped under the case and then scuffing the screen.

All of these scratching issues with Samsung’s new S6 Edge are really unacceptable, and so far I’ve yet to see Samsung customer service take any responsibility for replacing anyone’s phone. When I called about my scratching issue they blew it off and referred me to Verizon and Best Buy. I plan to get my hands on one of the gold Verizon S6 Edge units soon so that I can see if the gold version has the same scratches out of the box as I found with the black sapphire and pearl white units at Best Buy. Once I get a perfect screen out of the box, I now know that I also can’t use my $60 Clear View case on my S6 Edge, if I want my screen to remain unscratched.

via: SamMobile

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6 Responses

  1. jake W says:

    Ah! The same exact thing is happening to me. I figured with such an expensive cover, I’d be all set, but those little dings are really bothering me. I might try calling customer service as well.

    • Matthew Kirbg says:

      Same experience guys! ..clearview screen cover from day 1 and screen is covered in pitting. To top it off…today a crack!! I have not dropped the phone and suspect this is due to temperature change. There is a video on youtube. ..worth watching if you have this issue. Next phone will be an Apple. Sorry Samsung.

  2. Wendy H says:

    Well this is great to know. I have the gold Edge, and have all this pitting and couldn’t figure out why. This really ticks me off. We paid a lot of money for a case that Samsung sells that scratches their screen and there is no recourse or compensation?? They could start by giving us out $60 back for our cases

  3. Christy C says:

    Well this shouldn’t be an issue (to me) since I always use screen protectors on my phones to prevent scratches. I’ve always used tempered glass screen protectors; use one and you can use any phone covers on the market!

    • amar says:

      Me too but other ppl are frustrated for sure.You pay a lot of money for phone and you get scratches on display that is really bad

  4. J. Michael Joyce says:

    Same happened to me with the Clear View cover – resulted in a cracked screen. Staff in the Samsung shop where I bought it couldn’t have been less interested, quoting €250 for a replacement screen. Disgraceful after-sales service. I’m going back to a Google phone next time.

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