New 3rd Gen Moto X 2015 Specs And Features Leaked!


The 2nd Gen Moto X was one of the best flagship devices of the year last year. While the specs were nothing too spectacular the whole design of the device coupled with the nearly AOSP Moto Blur made this a must have device. The 3rd Gen Moto X is really shaping up to be just as great of a device as its predecessor. It would be great if the next Moto X came out towards the end of summer instead of the beginning of the fall like last year. It is more likely however that we will see this phone drop in September. While it may seem pretty far away, its always nice to check out the specs and features before the device hits the market.

Today some more information was leaked on some features we can expect from the next Moto X! One of the coolest features leaked is a front facing camera flash for selfies. I have always wondered why this is not a thing. My wife and I have used flash apps for the front facing camera which basically flashes a bright solid white screen while it takes the image. This is not the same as a real led flash but actually does a pretty nice job of lighting up your face. I have a feeling though that if Motorola includes a flash it will be an LED flash and not a software flash.

Another feature leaked is a micro sdcard slot. As the internet goes more and more towards cloud storage OEMs feel that its less important to include what many of us have come to expect in a micro sdcard slot for expanding our storage. It is nice to see that the new Moto X may still include an sdcard slot! Other specs leaked include 5.2″ QHD display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor, 4GB of ram, 32/64GB options, 16mp camera with OIS, 5mp front facing camera, 3280mah battery, and should be rocking Android 5.1.1 out of the box! If Motorola can make this an affordable option this should do very well!

via BGR


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