Google Photos App Independent of Google+ Coming at I/O


There have been rumors circulating for awhile that Google would pull the Photos app away from Google+ and into its own separate space. This morning reports emerged that Google will indeed announce a new Photos app independent of Google+, and some of the features look awesome. The fact that the app will now stand on its own is a big enough feature, but Google added a lot more. The app also has a few new interactions, including the ability to pinch your way into photos, or swipe out of them. Users can also drag to select multiple photos.

The editing interface is also revamped. The cropping interface now switches to various aspect ratios, with a new rotation wheel. It is very clear that Google wanted to bring this new design into the Material Design theme in a big way. Autoawesome will apparently be replaced by the new “Assistant” feature, which will now allow users more control to create their albums, movies, stories, animations, or collages.

People love sharing photos and videos, but security can sometimes be a concern. Google recognized that and built in privacy controls for your photo and video sharing in the new Photos app. Sharing images and videos via a link in the new Photos app is easy, just select them with the new drag gesture, then open the sharing menu. At the top you find the “Get link” entry.  You can then access all of your sharing apps, where you can put the link. Users who click on the link will be taken to the content you selected. This adds some privacy as it doesn’t download the photo and send it to another server.

The new Photos app also has more privacy tricks in store. You can select settings to have location metadata removed from photos that are shared using links. There is also a specific area for photos shared via links called Shared Links. You can select any link you’ve shared, if you delete the link, the link will now be dead everywhere, adding a very nice privacy feature!

Apparently, you will also be able to access your Photos collection on a computer independently of Google+ as well. The URL, which now redirects to Google+, will allow access to the new Photos suite, ideally with a revamped web interface. Overall the new Photos app looks like it will be a highlight of Google I/O 2015! Stay here at HOA for news regarding I/O all this week, and let me know in the comments what you think about Google’s new take on Photos.

via: Android Police

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