High on Android Sunday Summary 5/24/15

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It’s been a busy week around the HOA newsroom. We’ve had a lot of news about the upcoming LG G4 release. Samsung and Marvel have released details on several Avengers themed products, including the Iron Man edition of Galaxy S6 Edge. The budget-friendly ASUS Zenfone 2 made a US debut, and looks to be a great option for $299, with some pretty solid specs to go along with it. Google rolled out Android 5.1.1 to Wear devices not called Urbane, and we got a preview of the Huawei Nexus device coming later this year. Below I summarize each story we covered this week, and then give some thoughts at the end of the article!

Overall I’m pretty pumped to finally get my hands on the G4 soon. I preordered a Verizon model from Best Buy this past Friday, but if T-Mobile really gets it on June 2, I might just get one from them. It is nice of LG to give away so many free gifts with the G4, especially the extra battery. I’m really enjoying the Zenfone 2, it is a great phone for $299. If you haven’t already, check out my unboxing and initial impressions of ASUS’ latest offering below. Too bad the Verizon and AT&T root solution was only temporary root, it would have been nice to finally get what we all really want. Oppo has me intrigued with the R7 Plus, if it works on T-Mobile LTE, I might pick one up in June.

There it is, the summary for the week of Android. This week will be super busy with Google I/O happening on Thursday and Friday. I am pumped to see the new Photos app and any other surprises. Check back here for coverage all week, and come back next Sunday when I summarize all the craziness again!

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Jeff Springer

"I am currently a researcher and Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University and Grand Canyon University. I fell in love with Android with the Nexus One release and realized that it was superior to iOS in all the ways I care about. I still use a Mac (and an iPhone for the camera), but my Apple tech products pale in comparison to my number of Android devices (watches, tablets, and phones). When I’m not rooting/modding one of my many Android phones or doing math/programming, you can find me taking in Phoenix Suns/Arizona Diamondbacks games in downtown Phoenix, and drinking good beer!"