Android M Looks To Bring A Few Changes To Android!


We are getting some good intel on what to expect from Android “Macadamia Nut Cookie”. MNC is a ridiculous name if you ask me, but I think Google is actually trolling us by picking the name we would least likely guess. I think I let out a big Whaaa?! are they kidding? I know this is just a code name and will likely not be the final name of the next major Android upgrade, and it really doesn’t matter what they name it. This update looks to add some pretty big changes.

Sources are reporting that the latest version of Android which should be announced at Google I/O will be focussing mainly on battery life and RAM usage. These two things should greatly improve the performance of Android! Google will possibly be reducing battery consumption by reducing automatic actions like checking location, and other changes.

This version may not bring a new look or theme since Material design is still relatively new. This should be available in a few days as a developer preview so if you are wanting to get your hands on this early you will want to go ahead and grab a Nexus device! We should see this version of Android hit the rest of devices as early as August. Android M should also support fingerprint scanning natively. Who knows maybe we will get some fingerprint scanners on Nexus devices! I guess we have something to look forward to here at Google I/O!


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