VIDEO- 3 MAJOR Problems With The Galaxy S6 Edge.

While I really wanted the Galaxy S6 Edge to be my favorite device of all time I just can’t say that it is. I love the overall design of the Galaxy S6 Edge. I think that this should have been THE Galaxy flagship instead of the GS6 and GS6 Edge being sold separately. The dual curved edge screen is a huge conversation starter and is no doubt a head turner, but really doesn’t bring much more to the table than looks and feel. Samsung has finally delivered on the premium feel that we have all been screaming for over the years with gorilla glass 4 front and back and a metal rim. The camera is also best in class, but there are a few issues that are really holding this device back.

The fist issue is really not that big of a surprise. The Galaxy S6 Edge is packing a speedy processor and a QHD display yet the battery is on 2550mah. This is not nearly enough battery power to get the average Joe through a full day. Most people are reporting about 13-15 hours before a dead battery. I normally need to charge my Edge right around 3:30 everyday. The saving grace here is the fast charge which will give you a 50% charge in less than 30 minutes. If you are someone that needs to keep a phone for 2 years you will want to keep in mind that you will have less charge cycles overall and your battery will not have as long of a life cycle if you charge it several times per day.

The next issue is a broad issue which has affected my phone and has been pretty widespread. Samsung has acknowledged the problem exist and says they are working on a fix. The accelerometer has mysteriously been randomly dieing in these phones. The only explanation is that the phone is overheating during fastcharging which is killing the accelerometer and auto rotate. Some have reasoned that it may only be a fixable software problem, but we have yet to see an update released by Samsung to fix this.

Jeff pointed out several weeks ago that there has been an issue with scratches on the S6 Edge screen out of the box. He ran into this on several occasions. He had to swap his phone several times and still ended up with a device which was scratched out of the box. The issues seems stem from the manufacturing process. The biggest problem is that there is no way to prove to reps that you didn’t cause the scratches.

The S6Edge is an amazing device and might possibly be the best ever if Samsung can resolve these problems once and for all.

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