Samsung Reportedly Planning 5.5″ Galaxy S6 Plus


SamMobile is reporting that Samsung is preparing to launch a Galaxy S6 Plus phone, which will basically be a Galaxy S6 Edge with a 5.4″ or 5.5″ display. The original S6 and S6 Edge models both feature a 5.1″ QHD display. In a somewhat strange move, SamMobile says that the new larger model will have a Snapdragon 808 inside, instead of Samsung’s own Exynos chip. This is a bit odd since Samsung moved to an entirely in-house chip strategy for the Galaxy S6 series. The Exynos series has also seen better benchmarks than the Snapdragon 808 or 810 in general. I’d be very surprised by this move if it is indeed true.

Aside from the larger QHD panel and processor change, the other specs are reportedly unchanged from the original S6 and S6 Edge devices-you’ll get 32 GB of on-board storage, and that excellent 16 MP shooter. While the source does not comment on pricing or availability, we can assume it will be expensive given the already hefty S6 Edge price tag!


In addition to the rumor surrounding a bigger S6 Edge, SamMobile also mentions that the Galaxy Note 5 is on schedule for the usual Note series launch at IFA Berlin. This news is not surprising, but seems to dispel the earlier rumors of Samsung pushing up the Note 5 launch date. The Note 5 reportedly will feature either a 2K or even 4K display, along with an S-Pen and Exynos 7422 octa-core processor. I have to say, a 4K display on my smartphone would be totally unnecessary, but also totally awesome!

I have to wonder if Samsung decided on a bigger S6 Edge to try and steal some of the LG G4’s thunder. The G4 features a 5.5″ QHD display and perhaps Samsung couldn’t stand another company stealing their Galaxy S6 limelight. In any case, I’m interested to find out the (sizable) price of this beast should it release. Anyone interested in a large S6 Edge? Anyone as pumped up about the Note 5 launch as I am? Drop me a comment below or on Twitter (@jspring86az).

Source: SamMobile

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