LG Offering Buy 1 Get 1 Free Promo on G4 Leather Backs


LG is running a buy one, get one free promo for the G4 leather backs, good through June 30. I actually discovered this last night while searching for replacement ceramic backs online, but it was 3 AM so I didn’t get it written up. The brown color from T-Mobile is not available in this promotion unfortunately, nor is the black leather option being sold at Sprint stores. You can get the leather back in a variety of pastel colors as well as a dark red and orange color that looks similar to the brown T-Mobile offers. Unfortunately, ceramic backs are not being sold online yet, and are hence not a part of this promotion. I was pretty disappointed to find a lack of ceramic back covers, especially considering the leather backs do not work well with most cases. Currently the best deal on a genuine replacement ceramic back is on eBay for $80 shipped! The leather backs from LG sell for $70 each, so this promotion offers a chance to get 2 backs at $35 each. If you want to see how the leather back looks on the G4, check out my unboxing video below!

Overall the opportunity to get two leather cases for $35 is decent, but still a bit expensive in my opinion. The lack of neutral color options is also unfortunate, though I might end up buying a red and blue leather back for my G4 in the end. If you like to switch cases a lot, I would strongly advise against getting the leather back version of the G4 to start. At this point, I wish I had went with ceramic out of the box and bought a few leather backs during this promotion. Almost all after-market cases will not fit the thicker back on the leather G4. In the end, I review so many cases and phones I’d end up getting multiple backs anyway, but for the average buyer this might make a big difference. If you do want to pick up two extra leather backs from LG, hit the link below and let me know what color you chose on Twitter! (@jspring86az)

Get Buy one Get one free offer on LG G4 Leather Backs

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