Your OnePlus 2 invite queue number isn’t safe

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Over the weekend OnePlus opened up their invite registration list for those of that wanted “less hassle” and didn’t want to deal with the endless games and social media BS OnePlus uses for marketing their phones. When I signed up Saturday morning at 8:34 AM ET I was assigned number 21,634 in the queue for an invite. I noticed on Twitter last night some people mentioned they had been dropped significantly down the list. After logging on at approximately 9:21 PM ET Sunday night I found that I was now at position 23,645 on the list. How could this be? Evidently I forgot to read the small text under the Twitter and Facebook share buttons on the OnePlus invite signup page, “Refer friends to sign up with your link to get bumped up in the queue.”  Which also means, bump other people down the queue!

Screenshot 2015-07-27 07.37.07

This morning I am now #26,474, yes I’ve dropped almost 5,000 spots in line in about 48 hours. OnePlus flat-out lied to us that this would be a “no-hassle” way to sign up and wait for an invite. You need to share their invite page with every person you know in order to maintain your spot in line, pretty damn ridiculous if you ask me. I’m somewhat excited for the announcement tonight, but I still really hate absolutely everything about OnePlus PR team. Looks like I dropped almost another 100 spots down the line while writing this article…time to go share my invite code with 10,000 fake email accounts so I can get back in the game!


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