5 Reasons You Should NOT Buy The OnePlus 2

Ok so the title of this article is maybe a tad bit misleading. I am just as giddy as the next guy about the OnePlus 2 release coming up, and believe me there are plenty of reasons to be excited about this phone. You have to look at this phone for what it is. This is a Chinese budget phone. The OnePlus One was the same. In fact it would more than likely not have been the success that it was without CyanogenMod for one and the marketing genius which I believe sold most of these phones. Have you ever heard the saying bad press is good press. This applied for the OnePlus One. It became the phone by the people for the people. The same group of passionate Android heads that made this device a success will more than likely be happy with the OnePlus 2.

The problem here is that OnePlus is calling their device a “2016 flagship killer”, and for that I can’t just let them get off Scot-free. Even flagships are not perfect just look at the HTC One M9, however flagships don’t omit basic features. I have compiled a quick list of 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy the OnePlus 2. Don’t take this too literal. I still think this is a solid device worth buying in fact I will have an article out later discussing reasons you should buy the phone. Just know before buying the device there are some features that you probably use on a daily basis that are missing from this device. No flagship killer can be perfect.

-Reason #1 No Fast Charging / Wireless Charging

Some of you will be disappointed to learn that this device does not support wireless Qi charging. For me this is not as big of a deal. I have still never used wireless charging, but if this is something you use regularly and have spent a good bit of money on maybe furniture, or a car, or just random accessories that have Qi charging integrated you will miss that feature on the OnePlus 2. One of the main things that bothers me about the OnePlus 2 is the lack of Qualcomm 2.0 Quick charging support. I have become pretty accustomed to having the ability to fast charge my device with the S6 Edge. It dies for me everyday around 3 o’clock in the afternoon. I can just throw it on the charger for about 20 minutes and have a device ready to get me through the rest of the day. You won’t be able to do that with the OnePlus 2.

-Reason #2 No Removable Battery Or SdCard Slot

This has been an item of contention in the past several flagships lacking these features. In the quest for a sexier more compact phone we lose the features that we love. The fact that this phone doesn’t have quick charging and doesn’t even have a removable battery so you can juice up with a spare is more than likely an all out deal breaker for any power user. Most of you will be able to make it through an entire day with the included 3300mah battery, but others like me will be out of luck when you reach the early afternoon and are left with a device that requires an hour to be 30% charged. The lack of an sdcard slot is not a big deal for me since i am not an app hog, and I don’t store any media on my device (i use services like netflix, google play music, and pandora for media consumption). Those of you who have a catalog of thousands of songs that need to be with you at all times will hate the fact that there is no sdcard slot.

-Reason #3 No NFC

NFC is such a weird omission. Every device even budget phones have had it included for the past few years. It is nearly free to include and would take up minimal room. I just can’t understand why they would not include it. The CEO of OnePlus 2 says that they found that OnePlus One users didn’t really find a use for the NFC chip. He went on to say that he thinks Android Pay will be a failure, and that if users want to see NFC make it to the OnePlus 3 it will have to be a demanded feature. If you use NFC this is not the device for you.

-Reason #4 Just 1080p and not 2k

2k has essentially been standardized across flagship devices. Do we really need 2k, no but when your eyes have gotten used to it over the past year and half you an really see the difference when you look at a 1080p display. If you need that extra crispiness in your phone’s display you may not enjoy the 1080p here on the OnePlus 2. There are good reasons to have a 1080p on a device, namely the improved battery life, and the fact that it uses less computing resources.

-Reason #5 is availability

The registration page for invites has eclipsed 1million. I know that OnePlus has said there would be more units available at the time of realease, but the fact there is still an invite system means they are anticipating the need for more units then they will have. Waiting in line for an invite to maybe be able to buy a phone is not really “flaghip killer” material if you ask me.

-Runners up 81o Snapdragon processor

While OnePlus has said they have tweaked the 810 Snapdragon processor to eliminate overheating I have to be a bit skeptical. The way they have tweaked the cpu is by underclocking it, and I am not sure that this was the best way to solve this problem.

What do you think? Is this phone worth buying? Will you be inline for an invite?

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