Stagefright Fix For Any Android Device! NOW!

Stagefright is the crazy, ridiculous, super scary vulnerability found in 96% of all Android handsets that gives hackers access to your phone with just a text message. The hack runs in the background of your phone and you may never even see the text message come through. Once the exploit is applied your phone is basically owned by the hacker. All personal information would be theirs including banking, credit card, health records, photos and anything else you store on your phone.

Google has already began to rollout a fix for Nexus devices. Other OEMs like Samsung and Alcatel have also announced upcoming ota updates to fix this. Not everyone is using a high priority OEM flagship though. It will be some time before every Android handset under the sun is updated with the Stagefright patch.

There is a way to fix this. If you are rooted the first way you can protect yourself is by freezing the text messaging app that came with your phone. You can freeze apps with Titanium backup. Once your text messaging app is frozen your can grab the messaging app “Textra”. ┬áToday they released an update which blocks video messages that may contain the exploit from automatically running. Grab the app from the link below.

Via PlayStore

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